Quiet Little Katie
by White Boy

“What is that fucking noise?” John rolled over in bed; his alarm clock read 1:30 in the morning. He thought he'd heard something but he couldn't pin it down. “There it was again.” He propped himself up on one arm. This time it was unmistakable, he heard the rhythmic squeaking of a bed coming from his neighbor Katie's apartment. The gentle squeaking grew louder and quicker and he thought he heard two people talking, but he wasn't sure.

John began to hear moaning coming through the wall. The moans grew louder and more vocal with each passing second. He couldn't believe that quiet little Katie was making those noises. Growing increasingly aroused John pushed his shorts down past his hips and began to stroke his hard cock. How was Katie getting it from her man he wondered? Did she have her long slender legs pinned against her shoulders? Was she riding him cowgirl style? Or maybe she was on all fours with her cute ass in the air and her face buried in a pillow?

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” The sound of Katie's voice passed through the wall to join those of the squeaking bed. John couldn't believe the filthy words coming from her mouth. “Oh, shit; that's it” Katie cried. John rubbed his dick harder and faster. With one final loud moan from Katie and what he suspected was a grunt from an unknown guy the noises quieted down as quickly as they had begun. John came shortly after Katie and her friend finished. Rolling over in bed John slept the rest of the night like a baby.

A few days later John saw Katie carrying her large book bag slung over her shoulder. He knew she was a student at the Medical School. She looked like she was running late. “Hi Katie” John began.

“Oh, hi John,” Katie replied in her normal shy voice as she bowed her head and ducked past him. As quickly as she had been there she was down the steps and out the front door heading to the bus stop clutching the straps of her bag. Despite his best efforts that was the only time John saw Katie that week.

After a long day and week of work John crawled into bed Friday night. His mind naturally wondered if he would get a repeat performance of last Friday. He hadn't heard a peep from Katie's apartment all week. John quickly fell asleep and would've slept all night if it hadn't been for the slamming door he heard. He heard some muffled voices in Katie's apartment but nothing seemed to be happening. After about twenty minutes John neared sleep again when the squeaking bed started just like it had the week before.

“Stick your cock in my pussy!” That was definitely Katie he heard or more like commanded her partner. The moans quickly escalated. “Damnit, fuck me harder … shit, that's it!” John was quickly jacking his cock as Katie's vocal enthusiasm heightened. The squeaking and Katie's moans of pleasure grew louder. “That's it, come on my face.” At least John thought he heard that. Whatever she said, the squeaking stopped after that and like the week before John didn't hear anything else.

Monday evening John left his apartment to head out to the gym. Out in the hall he met Katie fumbling with her keys to get into her apartment. She had on a red plaid mini skirt and a dark green t-shirt. He admired, as discreetly as possible, her long thin legs and the gentle swell of her small but nicely rounded tits. Her long brown hair hung on her one shoulder in a loose sloppy ponytail. Peering at him through her brown glasses she smiled at John.

Turning the key in the lock she pushed her door open with one foot. Before John could leave Katie turned to him and said “John.”
“Yeah Katie?” John replied.

“I hope I didn't make too much noise on Friday night.” Katie gave her head a little nod and winked at John, or John thought he caught a wink. The sound of Katie's phone ringing interrupted before John could reply. “Oh, there's my phone.” With a smile and a small wave Katie closed the door behind her. He could hear laughter coming from her apartment as she discussed some trivial event of the day with a friend.

The whole evening at the gym John wondered if he had heard Katie correctly. He thought to himself “did she really say `I hope I didn't make too much noise on Friday night?'” He was positive those were her exact words, but was she referring to what he thought she was? He thought back to earlier Friday evening. Did anything go on out of the ordinary? He thought she had played some music louder than normal as she occasionally did? Maybe she apologized for running her loud vacuum? Maybe she dropped some pots and pans? Except for the music John couldn't imagine what else she could apologize for. His thinking on whether Katie actually winked was just as convoluted. On his way back to his apartment John felt much more tired than he normally did and his head hurt from all the mental gymnastics his mind performed that night. He concluded that he wished she'd said “I hope my loud fucking didn't keep you awake on Friday night.” Since she hadn't been that forward all he was positive of was that she might have winked.

Wednesday after work John ran into Katie down by their mailboxes. Katie was dressed in a dark blue business suit that looked very striking on her and much more professional than her normal clothes.

“Hi Katie” began John.

“Hi” replied Katie.

Fumbling for something to talk about John quickly added “oh Katie, you didn't make too much noise last Friday.”

Katie blushed a little bit but without missing a beat said “that's good. I'm glad me moving my bed around at one in the morning wasn't too much. It sounded like a train wreck in my place.”

John was even more confused. Was his foul-mouthed Katie just a furniture mover that got more vocal than others? “So what are you dressed up for?”

“I just aced a presentation today and our professor wants us to dress-up for them,” said Katie.

As they reached their floor Katie shrugged her shoulders and smiled goodbye to John as she entered her apartment. Now John was even more confused than he was the night before. Was Katie just moving furniture around like she claimed or did she just say that because she was embarrassed about being too loud when fucking? After thoroughly analyzing Katie's words poor John's head hurt even more that night then it did the evening before.

On Thursday night John had just settled down for his favorite night of television. Sipping on a glass of soda John heard a light knocking on his door. Opening his door he found Katie standing there holding two white envelopes.

“Here the mailman left these in my box by mistake.” Katie grinned from ear to ear and handed the errant mail to John.

“Thank you, Katie. This is the first mail he's delivered wrong in about three days, I think that is a record for him,” John laughed as he tossed the envelopes with the rest of the mail on his table.

“No, actually I had some mail from that weird guy on the second floor yesterday” replied Katie.

“Oh” John replied turning to find Katie in his apartment.

“Sandblast is next week and since I just nailed that presentation in class I was wondering if you would like to share some wine with me?” Katie grinned and proffered forth two glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Sure, come in and have a seat.” John took the bottle and glasses to the kitchen. He noticed Katie took the chair across from the couch. He'd hoped she would have chosen the couch. But her choice of seats allowed him to look at her legs without being to overt about it. This evening she had on a white t-shirt and a pink skirt that stopped about six inches above her knees. She had her hair pulled into two ponytails on each side of her head. John thought she looked so cute and sexy in that outfit.

For the next hour Katie and John casually discussed their jobs, school and their favorite tv shows. After about the second glass John started to feel sleepy but he certainly wasn't going to ask Katie to leave.

After a short period of silence while they watched the end of a show Katie asked John: “so did you like what you heard last Friday night?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know when I was getting fucked and making all that loud noise.”

Those words sounded so strange yet very arousing coming from Katie's mouth. “Yes I did like it. Very much.”

Katie swirled the wine around in her glass and she eyed John on the couch. “Did you stroke your cock when you heard me?”

Swallowing hard John could just nod his head in agreement. Katie continued to swirl her wine around in its glass as a wicked smile played across her lips.

“Show me how you rubbed your dick. Take it out and stroke it for me. I want to watch you.” John could only swallow again as he unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down past his hips. His cock sprang to life in his hands as he began to slowly stroke his dick. Katie eyed him intently as she sat her glass on the floor and rearranged herself in the chair so one leg rested on the arm of the chair providing John with a clear view of her crotch.

Katie pulled her pink skirt back a little bit as her left hand rubbed her inner thigh. Using her middle finger Katie lightly rubbed the lips of her pussy. “Do you like watching me rub my pussy?”

“Mmm … I like that …” John began to reply.

“Don't say a word” Katie cut him off with a curt reply “or I leave now.” “My pussy is getting so wet; I bet you'd like to see it, wouldn't you.” Sticking to Katie's command John just nodded his head.

“Even better, I bet you'd like to taste it.” John grinned widely as he nodded his head. Standing up Katie moved the few feet between her and John. Maintaining eye contact Katie began to slowly remove her t-shirt. John stared intently at her thin lithe body. Katie then removed her bra. John was truly impressed at the shape and size of her tiny tits. Probably A cup he guessed but they looked fantastic on her tiny frame. He was even more struck by Katie's nipples. Her nipples stood erect on top of very puffy areolas, how he wished he could just take them into his mouth and twirl his tongue around them.

“You like my titties don't you?” Without waiting for a nod Katie slid her hands into the waistband of her skirt and pushed it past her hips letting gravity finish the job. Turning around to show John her ass, Katie grabbed it and gave it a hard smack. Giggling she eyed John to see his reaction. John smiled and nodded his approval.

Turning back around Katie quickly added her panties to the pile of clothing. John thought Katie looked so hot just standing in front of him wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a small triangle and John couldn't believe his eyes but she had her pussy pierced.

“You like that, don't you?” Katie spread her pussy lips to give John a better view. “I'm going to suck you cock now. Not a word or I fucking leave.” The look in her eye told John not to disobey.

John was taken aback by her forcefulness but he readily complied. Squatting down in front of him Katie took his hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue slithered its way down his shaft to the base of his cock. With her eyes closed Katie seemed to be totally into the task at hand. Within a few seconds John could feel large amounts of saliva running down his balls. Katie's left hand began to tug gently at his balls.

Looking up at him Katie smiled approvingly at the look of pleasure on John's face. Pausing for a moment she jerked on his cock with her free hand, a string of saliva connecting the tip of his dick to her lower lip. Sucking the excess saliva from the tip of his prick she began to jerk his cock while sucking on its head. Feeling his balls begin to tense up in her hands Katie stood up just as quickly and without warning. John looked down at his spit soaked dick and back up to Katie.

Moving back towards the chair Katie motioned for John to follow her over. Climbing onto the back of the chair Katie spread her legs wide. “Now you're going to eat my pussy. Not a single word or I'll fucking leave, got that” Katie snapped at him. John, ever compliant and anxious to taste her pussy, moved the few feet to the chair.

Licking her left thigh John placed a light kiss near her pussy. His left hand stroked her right thigh. Moving to lick the area above her pubic hair John caught the sweet scent from her glistening pussy. Her clit was totally engorged with blood and she was definitely as turned on as he was. His lips barely touched her when his head jerked back.

Katie had a handful of his hair and she brought her eyes to bare on him: “I said eat my pussy. I don't want any of this foreplay-teasing crap.” John getting used to this eagerly dove into her wet hole. His tongue slithered up her slit from bottom to top. His tongue gently tapped her clit. Katie moaned loudly and ground her pussy hard into his face.

“That's it” she screamed as his tongue darted in and out of her pussy. John had never eaten pussy with so much gusto before, but then again he'd never been with a girl who had been so forceful and so turned on. Her wetness combined with his saliva made her pussy just as wet as his cock had been.

Pushing his head back Katie squealed in obvious delight: “Damn you're fucking good!” Looking down at her sopping wet pussy she remarked, “fuck I love sloppy oral.” Pointing at the floor Katie said with authority “damn I'm going to fuck you now; on your back.”

John dutifully took his position. Gently stroking his cock he brought it back to full hardness. Katie straddled John and in one fluid motion Katie's tight wet pussy enveloped his cock. The brief resistance Katie's pussy offered John brought him to the realization that he wasn't going to last long, the wetness and tightness felt too exquisite. Katie placed both of her hands on John's chest and in a few seconds she was up to speed sliding up and down on his hard shaft.

John's hands rested on her hips as the sound of their thighs slapping together grew louder. Beads of perspiration gathered quickly on Katie's brow and began to pelt John in the chest. Katie's eyes briefly rolled up in her head, causing John to think she was going to pass out, which would have been a first for him. Shortly though Katie let out a full throated moan. The walls of her pussy contracted as the first wave of an orgasm ripped through her. Without slowing up Katie continued to ride John hard through a second and then a third wave of her orgasm.

It was all John could take. Holding Katie hard by the hips John grunted and voiced a throaty “fuck” as the first wave of hot cum slammed into the back of Katie's pussy. Licking her lips and intently eyeing John a second hot stream coursed from John's cock into her tight pussy.

Leaning over Katie gave John a kiss and whispered in his ear “that was fucking good.” Rolling off of John, Katie saw John was still hard. Patting a seat on the couch John slid back up. As expertly as before, Katie took his cock into her mouth and within a matter of seconds John was fully aroused again. The feeling of her tongue brought him even quicker to the verge of coming than he could've ever imagined. That combined with her demure appearance and filthy mouth put him over the edge. Taking her mouth off of his prick Katie began to jerk him off. Katie's smile grew larger across her face as John grunted louder and breathed heavier.

With one final grunt John's cock let forth a stream of cum. The white goo landed solidly on Katie's forehead and across her glasses. Anticipating a second stream that didn't come Katie tried to position herself a little better. After a second of waiting, Katie contented herself to lick John's cock clean. Totally exhausted John slumped over on the couch eyeing Katie.

Leaning over John she said “that was totally filthy but next time I want it filthier and nastier.” With a wink she pulled on her pink skirt and t-shirt. “Here's a little souvenir,” Katie said tossing her white panties to John. Poor John, totally exhausted, watched the panties land on his chest and could only grunt a “goodbye” as Katie flashed her ass at him and skipped out his door heading to her own apartment.

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