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Level 1 Azz: This is the Flyweight division of asses. Phrases like "Nice Little Ass" comes to mind when you see an Ass like this... To see ass on a girl like this, she needs to wear sumthin' tight like a cat suit to get a good appreciation of what this Ass has to offer. And when it comes to the "Horizontal Mambo" you can flip the level 1 Azz around in any position with little strain. Bonus: A little ass like this will make your "Rodski" look bigger for those in need of a confidence boost.

Level 2 Ass: The Bantamweight division of Asses. Phrases like "Nice Sexy Ass" comes to mind when you catch a glimpse of an Ass like this. Looks best in a form fitting skirt and high heels. When it comes to "knockin' da Boots" a level 2 Ass girl is best laid flat on her stomach and hit from the back to get the maximum roundness and feel for this kinda Ass.

Level 3 Azz: The Featherweight category of Asses. At this point the hips gets a little wider and the ass gets a little juice boost An Ass like this can get away without wearing something skin-tight, but always looks better in something snug. A level 2 Azz matched with a nice pair of solid calves likes real good in a right-fitting women's business suit. When it comes to "Rockin' da Box", Cowgirl Position (The Ass on top, face-to-face) is always nice because at level 3, there's right amount of Ass to palm and get your hands around.

Level 4 Azz: The Lightweight class of Asses. Not only do you get a little more thickness in the thighs, the Ass at level 3 starts to get "Dat Poke" to it. Phrases like "Smackalicious" comes to mind when you see an Ass like this. This is really the last level that you can hide the Ass with any kind of clothing. An Ass like this looks its best in a nice tight pair of white jeans. And when it comes to "Ballin'", reverse Cowgirl (The Ass facing you) is the logical choice if you got an enthusiastic level 4 Azz. This is the last level of Ass that the average mofo can enjoy watching da Ass bounce up and down casually on top with out bracing himself.

Level 5 Azz: The Welterweight division of Asses. The length of the Ass increases at this level and this lower bottom cheeks are prominent. If a level 5 Ass stands straight up, you can stick a credit card under one of the cheeks and it won't fall... From level 5 Azz on, it's virtually impossible to hide the Ass with clothing. You know there's some Ass there regardless of what she's has on... When you see a level 5 Azz working out in the gym with some short cotton shorts on, that's when its in its full glory. Creative Ass Strokers would best savor this kinda ass in the "Vertical Open-Scissors" position (Her one leg on the bed, the other on your shoulder) to get the maximum grip on the level 5 Azz cheeks.

Level 6 Azz: The Middleweight division of Asses. Now this is when full moon roundness comes out. Phrases like "Oh Shit.!!!" Comes to mind when you see an Ass like this. The level 6 Azz maintains compact thickness in size, but the overall dimension is a blockbuster. Seeing an Ass like this in a sexy, long sheer evening gown while your out on the town with your girl will surely get you kicked out of the crib every time because not even the Pope could look away from an Ass like this. Doggy-style is automatic from this level on. Celebrity Azz comparison: Serena Williams.

Level 7 Azz: The Light Heavyweight division of Asses. Not only does the level 7 ass increase in overall length, you also get the wideness. Smacking the lower half of these cheeks will always get an echo back. Its always good to see an ass like this in sexy ladies briefs. Now this is the last level that an Ass this big in size can maintain its smoothness...And when it comes to sex-style, you want to put a level 7 Azz on all fours, spread out mid-height because this is probably the last level you're going to see the punanni from that position...

Level 8 Azz: The Cruiserweight division of Asses. The Phrase that comes to mind when you see an Ass like this is "DAYUMMM!!!" followed by a silent pause. It almost looks like somebody dropped a ? stick of dynamite in the pants and lit it. Each Ass section takes on a life of its own, kinda like two independent hemispheres. The Ass from level 8 on can't help but have dimples because of all the cheese. And when it comes to gear, Sisqo said it best; Thong-thong -thong- thong- thonggg!!! And when it comes to "Stretchin' Out" a level 8 Azz, believe it or not, besides Doggy, Missionary is always an excellent option because if you have an all-out freak, lay that level 8 Azz on the floor and on every stroke, your jewels are rubbing against nothin' but sunshine! Celebrity Azz comparison: Serena Williams 5 years after she retires from tennis.

Level 9 Azz: The Heavyweight division of Asses. This Level of Ass is not for the weak or faint of heart. The only phrase that can come out of your mouth at this level is "W-w-w-whuttt!?!" in a hushed mumble. The Phatness is absolutely unbelievable in a level 9 Azz. Best gear for level 9 Azz? A mid-length natural fiber dress with no panties and it doesn't have to be tight because the level 9 Azz will wiggle and jiggle regardless. And when it comes to sex position, if you're the average mofo, forget about Cowgirl because you'll get folded like a soft taco. Your best bet cowboy, is to bend that Phat Ass over, saddle up and try to stay on for 8 seconds...

Level 10 Azz: The Super Heavyweight division of Asses. When it comes to Asses, this is the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith, etc... Believe or not, this is the biggest an Ass can get. Only the woman around the Ass can get any bigger. And when it comes to phrases, there ain't none, you're speechless. And if your girl is with you, she's speechless too. Sexy gear for the level 10 Azz? Its like this, there's no such thing as a thong for a level 10 Azz because even a regular pair of panties are converted into a G-String. The level 10 Azz has the all consuming gravitational pull of a Black-Hole because its mass. And when it comes the sexin' the level 10 Azz, if your packing in the pants like the average mofo, don't even think about Doggy because you'll be lucky if your tip can make it through all dat Azz to reach the pubics. Your best bet is to gently lay a big girl with a level 10 Azz on her back, give the punanni 5 solid strokes and then let the smooth rocking motion of the waves take you home...

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