My First Time
by Late Bloomer

It was early in the afternoon and my lips were dry. I licked them nervously as I looked at the plane landing at Point Salines. I had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like an eternity though really had only been about a year. This was the day that Debbie and I would meet.

As I think back even now I am not sure where it all began...we were friends and just started getting closer together. Then I realized I loved her and wanted her to be with me. Our friendship grew into a romance and whispers of endearment and the promises of our first meeting makes my blood begin to boil. I snapped out of my revere as I saw people begin to exit the plane and I looked on anxiously... waiting for her to walk out.

I left the waving gallery and proceeded down to the arrivals section of the airport. Then I saw her... I smiled and waved calling out her name, "Debbie!" She saw me and a nervous smile played across her lips as she walked towards me. As we took each other in arms I looked into her eyes and whispered, "It's good to see you, love...and be able to hold you in my arms."

She winked at me then kissed me softly and said, "I know what you mean hun."

"Well, let's go love. My place okay? We can drop off your clothes and you can freshen up if you want."

She looked at me mysteriously and said, "That would be perfect hun." About half an hour later we reached my place. The car ride home had been enjoyable...we talked of her flight and how everything was going and I asked what she would like to do and see while she was in Grenada. She again smiled mysteriously and just said we would have to see.

As I carried her bags into the bedroom I said, "Well, here it is love. It's not too big but it's nice and comfy." She smiled and slowly walked up to kiss me. My arms wrapped about her waist as hers encircled my neck as we lost ourselves to the pent up passion. We pulled away and both us of us gasped for breath when I realized the front door was still open and went to close it. She laughed and said she would be but just a moment as she disappeared into the bedroom shutting the door behind her.

I grinned and went to grab the bottle of white wine I had been saving for just this occasion. I opened it and poured us each a glass and was just about to sit down when she came back out wearing the most sexiest smile and with it was a short white terry cloth robe that just reached about mid thigh but was parted open enough to make my jaw drop and the wine almost as well. She laughed as she noticed the effect it was having on me and slowly walked up to me showing the white almost see through bra and panties peaking out from her robe. She took one of the glasses and sipped the licked her lips seductively and I knew I was in heaven. I gulped down my wine this stepped up to her my arms going beneath the robe to caress her bare back as I kissed her passionately my tongue entwining with hers.

"Mmmmm...I think I like the wine much better from your lips." She whispered as she pulled back and slowly took of my shirt then pulled me back into my bedroom where she had lit all the candles in there. "Are you sure of this Tony? Do you really want me to be the one to take away your virginity?" She asked softly.

I looked into her eyes and said, "I love you with all my heart, Deborah, and I want you to be my first." With that I leaned forward and kisses her softly then slowly I began to kiss and gently nibble my way down her neck as she reached down and slowly undid my jeans and reached her hand into to my boxers. I shivered and my knees slightly sagged as I felt her small hand encircle my manhood and slowly begin stroking me. I reached my hands around and fumbled with her bra finally unclasping it and letting it drop to the floor I kissed my way downward as my hands reached up to gently squeeze.

I wondered at the softness of her skin as my tongue reached her right nipple flicking across it lightly before I sucked it into my mouth along with as much of her breast as I could. Her hands came up behind my head her fingers running through my hair as she urged me to suck harder. My left hand went to her other nipple and began to gently twist and tug getting a bit rougher as she pulled me tighter against her.

She moaned softly and whispered, "Not to bad love...actually quite nice but let's see what else that tongue of your can do." With that she pulled slightly away and slowly pulled her panties off which were already a bit damp. She kissed me again with even more passion then ever before then laid back on the bed her legs spread wide. I am sure my face must have been as red as a tomato as I got between her legs and looked with a bit of awe at her sex glistening beneath the guarding hairs. I leaned closer and the smell was overpowering making me crave what was before me and I rushed forward to tentatively flick my tongue across her lips. She tasted sweet to me and I buried my face into her sex as tongue buried itself deep inside her again and again loving the taste and I marveled at velvety softness that my tongue slid into. So warm and tight I was off in my own little world when she began to instruct me in the finer points of and what she liked when being eaten out.

My tongue went to her clit and flicked across it slowly as she told me to insert a finger into her. I pushed my finger into her slowly at first but she bucked against me and took it all the way in. I began to stroke my finger deeper and faster into her as she commanded then slowly inserted another finger insider her and began a ferocious pace hammering my fingers into her as my tongue centered on her clit as I bit down gently. After several more minutes she cried out and came and instinctively I buried my fingers deep inside her and held them there watching as she writhed slightly.

After I could feel her convulsions begin to subside I slowly withdrew my fingers and sucked them clean then lowered my head and licked her clean before she pulled me up and whispered that I was learning quite well. I smiled and said I'm glad my teacher approves. I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately before she slid down and took off my boxers then she laid down beside me again and winked before she turned her attention to my hard on and slowly began to masturbate me. She said she wanted me to come before we made love so that I would last longer. I agreed mainly because I was already about to though I know my eyes must have nearly popped out of their sockets as she lowered her mouth to my tool and licked the head slowly then took it slowly in her mouth sucking gently as her hand began to pump faster.

My hips bucked involuntary and I couldn't even begin to explain the sensations as she continued to suck me but her head slowly beginning to bob in harmony with her hand. I couldn't take it and cried out that I was going to come. I never felt such a jolt as she pumped me furiously her mouth fastened over my head sucking for all she was worth then I exploded and shot spurt after spurt of my hot seed into her awaiting mouth where she swallowed what she could though some still escaped her mouth. My hands unclenched the sheets as I began to relax and I looked at her with pure lust. She licked me clean then grinned and said she wasn't definitely going to enjoy her trip.

I laughed and knew that she was talking about my 19 year old hormones keeping me hard...if not harder then before. She slowly crawled up beside me and we kissed again my hands massaging her breasts. She looked at me and whispered that I was about to receive my final lesson. I looked into her eyes and smiled as she slowly straddled me and guided herself slowly down onto my hard on. I almost fainted from the sensations. I had thought her mouth was great...but this was heaven. She raises up a bit then sank all the way down on to me and leaned forward a bit telling me to play with her breasts. I happily obliged and lost myself as I nibbled and sucked on her nipples as she began to pump up and down on me slowly. She moaned softly and said she needed me deeper harder and so taking the hint I picked her up remaining inside her and settled her onto her back as I began to pump furiously into her.

She moaned a bit louder and her legs wrapped around me her ankles locking in my lower back as she began to thrust back against me. I wanted her to come first and knew I wouldn't last much longer so I lowered my hand to her clit and using my thumb began to rub it in circles her juices making it quite slick. She reached up suddenly and said she was going to come and wanted me come with her...with that she began to milk my cock and we both cried out as we came together. I continued to pump inside her draining myself before I collapsed beside her my cock still a bit hard and inside her. She looked at me and smiles whispering that I was a very good student indeed. I kissed her and whispered I could never have done so well without my loving teacher. With that we cuddled close and fell asleep with me still deep inside her.

We woke up several hours later and made love again twice before I told her I had a surprise. I told her I had talked my folks into going away for the weekend and that our fantasy by the pool was going to come true. She giggled softly and whispered I love you. I love you too Deb and kissed her again before we got dressed and headed off to my parents house. But that's another story for another time.

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