Quickie in the Office
by The Lawyer Man

Marcia, my secretary, was looking exceptionally good that day. She was wearing her hair up, for a start, which always makes her look attractive and she had on an elegant pair of black pants with a cream-colored top. Her top didn’t do much to conceal her very full breasts or the fact that she was wearing an eye-catching white lace bra. When she came into my office my gaze lingered on her chest and I swear I could see the merest outline of her nipple. She smiled coquettishly and turned to walk away. I watched the sway of her hips lustfully, noticing a very enticing thong panty-line as she walked. A few minutes later, she came into my office again. I noticed that she had applied fresh lipstick since last time. Again, my gaze settled on her voluptuous breasts as she spoke to me.

“Yuh hearing me?” she asked. “Who …er, yes, of course.” I stammered. She laughed, “You’re watching me, aren’t you?” I was lost for an answer, but she saved me by saying, “It’s ok, I don’t mind. Actually, I’m flattered. Look, I have to go to the storeroom. Why don’t you come with me?” “What?” I exclaimed. “Come on. What’s wrong with you? Just get up and follow me nah.” Dumbly, I followed her to the storeroom which was located just around the corner from my office. There was no one around and Marcia quickly unlocked the door. “Quick,” she hissed. “We only have about ten minutes before someone comes around. Get inside.” This was unbelievable. Ever since joining the law firm I’d fantasized about Marcia. She was one of the secretaries, a pretty girl from Carriacou about 28 years old, perhaps a little overweight but with beautiful breasts and a shapely ass. In my fantasies, I’d had sex with her numerous times, but here I was about to fuck her for real. Needless to say, I had a major hard-on already and my breathing was starting to get somewhat ragged.

Marcia pulled me into the storeroom and closed and locked the door. Only the emergency lighting was on, so it was quite dim. She guided me away from the door to a space between some shelving and turned around to face me. There was no need to speak. We kissed hard. Her tongue slid immediately into my mouth and I responded enthusiastically. I felt her fingers tugging at my belt as my left hand searched for her warm, firm breast. She unzipped me and swiftly worked her fingers into my pants, wrapping her long fingers around my burning cock. I reciprocated, fumbling with her own zip so that I could then pull out her top and slide my hand underneath. I felt the warmth of her ample belly – I have to say that Marcia is not exactly slim, although I do like my women with a little flesh on their bones – and ran my fingers over the outside of her bra, feeling the weight of her ample breasts in my hands. As my palm touched her nipple she moaned softly and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I found the top edge of her bra and worked my hand inside, caressing her naked breast. My fingers found her hard nipple and pinched lightly on it. Glancing down briefly, I registered the fact that her exposed tits must have been at least a 38D, full and heavy with beautiful big brown areolas and hard nipples.

By now she had my cock all the way out of my pants and had reached in to caress my swollen balls with her long fingers. Moving my hands away from her breasts I grasped her ass and pulled her against me roughly. “Turn around.” I gasped between kisses. She turned away from me and leaned forward against a stack of boxes. Quickly I pushed her pants down, exposing her lovely ass, clad only in a pair of white panties. I slid my hand into the waistband of her panties and into her crotch, feeling the thick curls of her damp pubic hair. She was very wet already and let out a sharp breath as my finger alighted on her slit. I knew we had very little time, so pushing her panties down, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and penetrated her. My cock, which was already pulsating with excitement, slid easily into her hot moist cavern. She stifled a deep groan as I ground my hips against the smooth cheeks of her ass, trying to penetrate her as fully and deeply as I possibly could. I began fucking her steadily, beginning to establish a rhythm as she pushed her ass back against me. “No time for that. Just fuck mih nah man.” She gasped. Leaning over her back I reached around to caress her tits, feeling the delicious weight of them in my palms as they swung free. A couple of times my cock slid out of her, but she was so wet now and her cunt was so wide open that I easily slid back in after repositioning it with my fingers. I offered my fingers, sticky with her juice, to her and she bit greedily on my hand.

Reaching around to pull her hips towards me I penetrated her deeper and deeper, alternating deep hard thrusts with long, slow probing of her g-spot. She grunted as the tip of my cock reached her cervix. Then, all of a sudden, her breathing changed and I felt her begin to cum. Pulling hard on one nipple with my fingers, I reached down with my other hand to seek her clitoris, feeling instead just the hot wetness of her juices seeping over my fingers. She began to wail, and I moved my hand from her breast to cover her mouth, suppressing her screams as she spasmed into orgasm. At that moment, I felt myself cum as well. With a final thrust as deep as I could into her vagina I spurted thick, hot semen into her. My balls were full and I could feel at least three spurts empty into Marcia’s innermost recesses and overflow out of her pussy lips, mingled with her juices. Withdrawing my cock I saw that it was coated not only with her own shiny cum, but that globs of my thick cum were still on it.

At the same moment, Marcia quickly turned around, bending down and pulling my tool into her mouth to clean me off. I pulled her up to face me and she parted her lips, showing traces of cum on her tongue, before a long slow kiss in which we tasted each other’s juices, rolling our tongues back and forth.

“Thanks”, she whispered. “That was great. Now we’d better get back to work. C’mon let’s get dressed.” Hurriedly she rearranged her bra and top and then pulled up her pants. “God, I hope I don’t look too messy.” She laughed. “Yuh real rough me up you know.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized. “It was kind of hard to hold back.”

“Don’t apologize. I like it like that. But maybe next time we should do it at my place.”

“Sure.” I replied. “Any time. Now why don’t you leave first and I’ll follow in a couple of minutes.” A quick kiss on the lips and she was gone.

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